The snnyc blog was launched a stone’s throw – make that a train ride – from New York City in 2011 by Robert Parks with the assistance of several people and services mentioned in his long-winded introductory post.  Future posts will endeavor to live up to the following objectives.

Offer useful information, mostly about technology and staying in sync with an ever-changing world.  Respect the reader’s time.  Avoid filler content or visual clutter.

Avoid hype. Rely on facts and statistics when available.  Remember that correlation does not equal causation.  Individual anecdotes don’t necessarily indicate a trend.

Keep it interesting. Very few people seem inclined to read from an encyclopedia.

Willing to experiment and learn. Like life itself, mistakes are not only allowed here but are inevitable.  May we all grow from our efforts.  And may this site become more interesting over time.

Thank you for visiting today.